Joyful food education and concepts in analogue and digital

Food is a fun and versatile, yet underutilised learning tool. At Carrot Revolution we want to raise a new food loving generation by using an inspiring set of modern methods, technology, and channels. It is important for us to co-create with kids and bring their voice to the often serious food debate table.

Our mission is to inspire kids to love food, and increase the time spent as a family eating together

Finnish families eat together the least from all the OECD countries. At the same time studies show that youngsters are eager to spend more time with their parents and siblings. Positive food choices and eating together as a family are proven to strengthen kids’ holistic wellbeing as well as their social and empathy skills. Food connects people and families.

Positivity, fearless experimentation, and building a sense of community are in our DNA

We believe that encouragement and positivity work better than preaching. Therefore we use carrots instead of sticks. We want to build concrete solutions with the highest possible impact by co-creating with kids, families, and the private and public sector’s best talent and professionals.

Join us to start a Carrot Revolution!

Key Team




Sparring the Carrot Revolution

Hanna Jensen

Food writer and author, was launching Soppa365 digital service at Sanomat, mum of two

Jonna Nummela

Director at K Group, brand and marketing professional, food blogger and mum

Jerome Saarinen

Start-up entrepreneur, DJ

We are piloting kid´s cooking school early Spring 2018 – hear from us soon!

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Olli Freese
CEO, Co-founder
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